Jul. 28th, 2017 02:52 pm
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Currently hand sewing a regency short stays, after a Redthreaded pattern. "After" because I didn't take the right size, and I have to resize it to fit. I honestly hate one-sized-patterns, but I also like to have a no-brainer corset, so I will buy again from her, a victorian corset in the right size. But I think any pattern should be sale in a minimum of two sizes for ajustments. 3 sizes would be much better, because I know several girls who have a more than just one size difference between their hips and breast.

Anyway, sewing it by hand because I'm staying at my parents' for summer, and my mum's machine is unreachable. I could be nasty and say everything in my parents' house is unreachable. My mum a very very very bad -- yet very pretty -- case of collectionnite. I wanted thoses stays to be quick non-historical things, and now I'm killing my fingers, sewing three layers of coutil around the gussets. Bah...

Also, quick terrible quality photo of the fabric for the regency dress. Hand block-printed in india cheap cambric.

You got what you pay for. It is pretty, but the design are not correctly aligned. Some times, the ink is bad quality and run. Or it was handly so quickly it has ink stains. I bought from this seller several times, and I really like his designs, but I won't use it to make "upper-class" costumes. It is good for low middle-class and lower. If you are in the spot-on historical aspect of costume recontitution, that is. Otherwise, it is pretty enough to overlook those matters. It would also make cute modern summer clothes. I guess you can guess I love indiennes...

Only problem wth this seller : awefull shipping prices. And he doesn"t understand "combine shipping". Like, when asked, he proposed me a combine shipping price by the yard (and not by kilos), that was higner than when shipping fees are added together. *sigh*

Seller is Fabric of India :

BTW, one of [personal profile] koshka_the_cat was made from a fabric I recognized because I had bought it too for a 18th century petticoat ^^
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I should really go brush my russian. I studied it in High School. I miss it. As LJ has become creepy, because blogs are considered as political organs even for non russian journals post in non-russian languages, so... no no no no no no... I'm not going back to LJ.

But VK, it's like FB, but all in russian. I can brush my dusty rusty reading skills without having to say a word. Off to VK. There are customs dolls artists there. Me love customs dolls.
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I'm a french speaker, and sometimes there are expressions that I don't understand, even with the help of Google.

Can someone try to explain me what "streamline instructions" is supposed to mean in " This Corset Pattern does not come with Streamlined Instructions", please ?
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Darn... I thought more people had made it over from LJ to here. Feels empty. Lot of missing people in my nearly empty reading list.
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EDIT : (Well no, I wasn't back)

Shy come back, since my partner in crime is back on LJ, under a new guise [ profile] mrsmaupin. I may not post a lot in the beginning, I have to take new marks, pee on the furniture,... the usual stuff. I left because I felt that the LJ-crowd had gone rather cold, and I didn't feel welcome anymore. I hope it will be better know.

Anyway : HI, I'M BACK !


Jan. 11th, 2013 06:34 pm
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Shortgowns... probably the most worn piece of clothing in the 18th century, barely a handful of surviving ones, less than a third of them on the internet. Dammit ! That's when I REALLY hate that adoration of everyone for dainty clothing. Yes they are beautiful, and I DO, indeed, adore them too. But they so much give us a bias on historical fashions, I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT.

shoes !

Mar. 11th, 2012 06:25 pm
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(You've probably been flooded already, and so I'm sorry if it bothers you to see another one of this, but, hey, I really want those shoes !)

You probably already know that American Duchesshas some new shoes out : the Kensingtons, in red or black. They are beautiful, yada yada yada. You know it, you can see it. What you really need to know is that Lauren offers a hell of a customers service ! And THAT is really important !


May. 4th, 2011 11:17 am
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It figures...
You can't have a costume idea, without realising Koshka has already done something similar before. Frustrating x_x
I'm just gonna do as if I hadn't look at old pictures of Koshka's costumes. Or I'm just gonna ignore that my subconcious fangirl is playing against me :)
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Now I remember why I had put away this pattern (second dress from top), even when I adore it, had the fabric to do it, etc. I took it all back to work on it again, and after 3 hours of drafting, fiddling and swearing, I'm going to sleep knowing that trying to adapt this evil pattern for a fat woman was just pointless and that I worked for nothing. And right now, I want to throw myself on my bed to cry my frustration out.
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But I'm outrageously happy of this little victory over nothing : I managed to have some of my pictures taken in Japan published in Google Maps !
Being published in Google Earth is super easy, the easiest way being to use Paronamio, which I did. Every picture that follows the rules is published in Google Earth. Which makes billions of pictures. That's not super interesting.
For Google Maps, they make a selection, and as most monuments are already covered by a bazillions of pictures of every tourist-wanabe-reporter, it's kind of complicated to get selected now. So I chose 4 rather unknown sites in Tokyo, and the formidable thing is that they uses most of my pictures !!! (Ok, I'm sure they are operating a turn-over of pictures, so that everyone has a chance one day, but still : obscure sites, few tourists, few pictures ! I may be the only tourist there in months. I definitely was the only occidental one in the district at the time I went. So my picture may be the nearly only reference. Yes, I told you, I'm being wonderfully immature !)

It's here :
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As there is a new Lj to DW exile, I just want to remind those that might be interested that my name over there is wataya, not heileen. I wanted a clear change when I created my DW, so I chose a name that had absolutely no link whatsoever with what you may know of me. So just don't be surprised :))

oh and please ! friend me if I haven't find your DW already.

365, day 2

Mar. 31st, 2011 12:07 am
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What ? You didn't know trees grow out rectangular ?
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The 4th episode of the forthecoming 6 season of DOCTOR WHO is titled "The Doctor's Wife".


Going 365

Mar. 29th, 2011 10:37 pm
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Beginning today. Good Resolutions (tm) will kill me :)

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It's when Blogger begin to be cool, yo ! that it also begin to bug, alas... I can't manage to became a "follower" on several blogs today.

It figures...


Mar. 24th, 2011 12:37 am
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Raaahhh ! Decision decison... Seeing how everyone is kind of moving the costuming stuff to Blogspot, I'm wondering what to do with my own Blogspot. As of now, , is my french costuming blog, and LJ/DW, my english ones. But if everyone is definitely set on talking costume mainly on Blogger now, I have to consider making my french blog a bilingual one. But I don't like bilingual blogs. And, really, creating a new one seems such a pain in the ass right now...
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every minute, and can't stop worrying and crying.


Foreigners are fleeing like the Reaper is right behind them, when there is no confirmation yet that Japan will became a not-sane zone. It feels like a treason. I feel like this people have taken all they could from Japan, and now they're abandonning the japanese like old socks behind the sheet-bin. It's not right, it's not correct : it's like spitting in the face of every Japanse and telling them to go dying, that no-one cares for their life or for their spirit. They are trying so hard this japanese, not to let their panic arise, when there are so many reasons to let it ! And how do we support them ? With images of white faces saving their white asses spreading in tV. This makes me sick, and so angry.

I can understand, when you have a child, that you may want to flee from Tokyo. Children are fragile when it comes to radiation, awefully fragile. But there is a middle term : the South, Osaka, Kyoto, Kyushu. And France, USA, UK, Germany,... only in the last resort, when (or if... oh, how much do I hope for a "if", without believing any minute in it...) the situation in Fukushima is irreverible, when radiation is in fact there and dangerous. We're not yet here. We could give a little bit of credit to this 50 men who are fighting like damned to save the world from a new tragedy. And will probably die for it.

All this is so wrong. So indecent.

So wrong.


I'm going in Japan in July. That's what was decided before all this happenned. And wathever happened, I will go to Japan in July. Because I don't care what happens. I love Japan and Japanese people too much. I want to be there and let them know that they are the important thing. That they matter. I want the to know that we are not all coward. That they don't have to be strong alone.

If I could go now, I would.


Feb. 26th, 2011 01:44 am
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I just realise that at least one of the person I had friended in the past on LJ has been arbitrarily deleted from my f-list by LJ. No idea when this happens, I have so many people on my F-list, sometimes it's hard to see if someone hasn't posted in a long time or have been deeted, or something else.

Bitchy LJ. It was not a good day to bitch me !!
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LJ is more and more a dying creature : apart for the many many many spams I had to delete lately (I don't really wonder why a space that was so well protected from spams before become so unprotected : when you make sure evry bit of it is shareable with each & every social network, in the end...). Now it's also doing nothing when I try to log in, and I have to try several time before it reacts, but it also told me once, after one of my many tries to log in : "you have successfully LOG OUT" !!!!!!

Dammit ! A chance I am mostly dealing with it from the far removed cosy little place that is Dreamwidth.


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