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Some new pictures of Carnet de bals (many many back views : it's hard to take pictures, but I managed to take a few fronts, still to upload) include :
"Empress Eugenie" front</> and back,
this one was pretty, but I think that I never managed to take a picture of the front,
this one was one of my favorite, and I think she was done especially for the ball by a couturier,
the hussard one was incredibly kitsch, but nonetheless beautiful,
front and back of one I would have killed to wear (but she kept whinning about how her net was not pressed, and how the train was too long, and blah and blah, and blah : some people just can't enjoy their chance),
ORANGE !!! but actually, it felt period (chemichal dies).

+ some picture of my bodice
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So, I really don't have time those days to write a full account of the Ball : I've written some things, but I don't want to make silly several posts on the subject, so I hope I will find time till Friday to make a big post :

Anyhow, first pictures here. As I have again problems with my computer, I will only post pix little by little. Today, the pix of the only dress beside mine which was sewn by the wearer. The bodice is based on Janet Arnold. The dress was really fabulous. Enjoy.


Jan. 30th, 2006 11:02 am
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So, wether I will go to the Carnet de Bal event (an Imperial Bal, to "celebrate" the birth of the son of Napoleon III, and that will be feathured in a TV documentary) is still nebulous, the price of this thing being absolutly indecent, but I've already more or less planned how my dress will be, and make a first (successful) toile for my bodice. My greatest concern, was about my fabric : will it do for a ballgow ?

I photoshopped very very quickly (i'm just so numb with photo-editing) something out of the dress that serves as my main reference and so far I'm loving it. What about you ?

Image hosting by Photobucket

(Here the version with the horrible bertha design I did, but I was too ashamed to repost it directly.)


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