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Yesterday was a day of pure bliss.

Yes, my bank account is 50 € lighter and hovering 12 foot above the selling, but I am now the proud owner of 8,70 m of the most wonderful Toile de Jouy fabric, which pictures I will try to post tomorrow or, Saturday. And I choose the perfect day to buy it, for there were only 8,70 remaining meters of the most wonderful bla bla. They offered me 30 cm, actually, because I was finishing it : 30 cm ? More decorations. Perfect.

And when I came back home, I had not one, but two costume books waiting for me : 200 Jahre Mode and 19th century fashion in detail (blissssssssssss) and let me tell you, 1817-20 lilac walking dress at page 20 is LOVE. I already knew it because [livejournal.com profile] green_martha was kind enough to let me have a glance, but here, I have the time to drool to madness over it.

And I also had a very fun moment : the seller of 19th fashion... send me the book in a box large enough for 5 or six books.

Apparently, this freaked out my friends (* cuf cuf *) of the french postal mail, because they open it (they don't even have the decency to told me, mind, but when a package is duck taped in yellow with the name of french mail postal on it, it's obviously not low profile): coming from SOHO, LONDON, it could only have been a BOMB, or a SEX TOY, no ?
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Everything's ugly, those days. I've looked in a good dozen of fabric shop, and everything's damn ugly. Sale's fabrics are the climax of ugliness. The word was invented for it. And beside, large-stripes fabric that were fashionnable three month ago have disappeared. I'm so obviously not doing a striped robe à la française anymore.

I've found only one fabric that I like AND that was period : it's a toile-de-jouy and... er... yes, it's green. So I spend all my Sunday doing toiles (and tonight too), ans I hope to have an idea of how many meters I need to buy the fabric and begin with it quickly.

And by the way : watteau pleats ar wonderful !!! I *heart* pleats...
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There's that fabric on ebay, there are two similar pieces (maybe enough for my sack dress, though I would have like making it in red and white stripes), I love the stripes and the color, but it's an acetate taffetas. I've never worked with acetate taffetas, but the general impressing I had with them is that they are very cardboard-like, and won't give a good period effect.
But this one (on the picture, at least) look rather smooth.

Decision decision... I have to make a decision before 18h00 (when I'm leaving my job and the comp) and I can't mde up my mind upon it : advice ?


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