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Aug. 19th, 2009 05:29 pm
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Dress is finished ! Except for the polonaise-with-bows thing that I will mark and sew with the help of [personal profile] green_martha, it's all done.
I even retrim a little bit one of straw hat, with self fabric.

No pictures, because I want to keep the surprise of it. We're out on Saturday, so wait for Sunday morning for pics. I just miss my cane, but I definitely couldn't bring it in the train.

oh, wait, I have to put a self fabric rosette on my shoes !
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 I'm cross-eyed of having pleat so much striped-trim. And ain't finished yet.
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Ah ah ! I manage to make a lovely trimming on the bodice of my dress, which make me very happy since it's the first time I do self-trimming.
Wait... no. I did self-trimming on my française, but it was ages ago ;P

Need to put finish pleathing the skirts, sew them on, trim the skirts, hem them, sew them into a polonaise with bows, finish the sleeves elbow (hemming them and trimming them if I have enough fabric left), AND, at last, put hooks and eyes.

By the way, [livejournal.com profile] green_martha, do you have hook and bars (straight) instead of hook and eyes, (u shaped) because I just don't have enough, and eyes will be a pain in the ass to close the stomacher correctly.


Aug. 12th, 2009 04:20 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] green_martha : I show you what I'm doing, and you show me what your doing :)

It's a polonaise, dramatically inspired by this Coppola dress : http://www.costumersguide.com/MA/striped3a.jpg
I name it The Candy Coppola. Except that I also name it Berlingot. Except that I can't choose between the 2 names.

Also, will Lady Fi do another dress in one night for the event ?
Does she feel like making me a big pouf hair the morning of the event ?
Can I use her like she is my personal maid ? ;P
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"But I only wanted to buy one piece of fabric !...", she said.

See 3 robe à l'anglaise in this three fabrics.

I only wanted to find a striped silk for one anglaise, but there was nothing, so cotton, cotton, cotton. I'm going for a very Louis XVI style here : stripes, stripes, stripes !
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Ineed to lose weight in my breast, on my face and I definitively need to begin saving money for plastic surgery, because my profile nose is really AWEFUL. especially when I smile. Look at that, I am the witch with the crooked nose :

And don't tell me it's in my head because it won't change my mind !
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I'm tired...

On Saturday, after one day in my stays and dress : I was a bit faded and I obviously lost one of my pins...

On Sunday : I've had a terrible saturday night, I had fever, so on the next day, I was paaaale...

Oh and, don't ask a frenchman to take a picture of you :)
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i'm made of pretty, but my freshness is gone : the pictures were taken at 3 in the morning, by the bride herself, who was certainly as tired as I was (which explain why she couldn't manage to center the pictures she took of my back. tsss tsss !! )

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The pictures turned out in an horrible shitty shitty quality, don't know why Ô-o ... but this is how I will be dressed for the wedding. Of course, I'm not wearing my shift, my kerchief, and I forgot my petticoat in Paris (go me !!). And I'm not made of pretty yet.

the underneath bodice

PS : scrapbok works like shit today, you may have to re-upload the page to see the pictures
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Here are the different pictures I use as an inspiration for my redingote.

For the stripes )

For the front and collar )

A real exemple of that kind of dress )
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Here are the first pictures of the surprise project. Stripes !

Piccies )

If you read french, I gave more details in my french blog entry.


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