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Sep. 26th, 2017 12:19 am[personal profile] mandie_rw
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Not much sewing going on around here! Shockingly. Main event sewing-wise this past week has been to get the Starry Night bodice sewn together, and start sewing eyelets in. (Two. I've sewn two eyelets so far.)

I sold off the pink silk sacque a week or so ago; I was waffling over listing it for the longest time (I still like it but I never wear it, wouldn't I rather have the money, but what if I want to wear it again, but we don't do any fancy events that really require a sacque any more...), and then the lady who bought my bird print polonaise decided to take it, so that ended my waffling! It'll pay for a majority of my Gettysburg expenses, anyway. There's more stuff I ought to put up but I apparently can't be arsed to list it, so. Will have to work on that...it would be nice to have Gettysburg paid for by My Old Crap! We'll see.

Not so Manic Monday

Sep. 25th, 2017 11:49 pm[personal profile] brickhousewench
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I was up early today for an 8:30 am conference call that I’m hosting, since I’m ScrumMaster. And then there was the regular weekly team call at 9:00. And then my day off started.

By this time I was trapped under not one but two cats (Brutus and Hecate). I actually had to move them off me to go grab something for breakfast. But they quickly crawled back onto my lap (which was still warm) after I got back to the Comfy Chair. So you know what happened next.

Four hour nap.

But that’s kinda why I took a couple of Mondays off during faire season. I mean, I was hoping do to laundry and housework. But let’s be real, I really needed the nap. And I’m grateful for the kitties for holding me down and forcing me to nap. It was good.

Once I woke up I cruised Facebook and tried to get caught up on Dreamwidth. So very much the relaxing day that I desperately needed. Even after napping on my lap all day. Brutus was still a bit clingy, following me around and circling around my ankles when I went to the kitchen or bathroom.

Watching Hecate walk around with a tiny tennis ball in her mouth still amuses me so much.

But wait!

Sep. 25th, 2017 05:16 pm[personal profile] koshka_the_cat
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I knit a row last night! Goal met!


Sep. 25th, 2017 01:57 pm[personal profile] theladyrebecca
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Another week between posts. I think between picture posting being difficult, and my not really sewing anything that interesting, I feel like I have nothing really to post.

Anyway, I finished the Halloween skirt I think on Wed of last week. Then I had an etsy order for two Anna playdresses come in, so I made those, and by the time I had finished them, I had another etsy order for a Harry Potter skirt, so I made that. Those have all been shipped off now, and once I finished them, it was back to the bodice commission. I have the jacket all cut out in the velvet, but needed to pick up more satin for the lining, which I did yesterday. I'm hoping between work, grocery shopping, and rehearsal this evening, I'll have time to get the satin cut out, and maybe even to flatline everything. Once this jacket is assembled, I am going to cut out and assemble a mockup of the sleeves, and do the alterations to the other jacket. Assuming that all goes smoothly this week, I have another fitting with my client on Sunday. 

I've decided I should probably hold off on the Regency dress until I finish this commission, so that I know what I actually have time for. I'm also torn, because the blood red silk I had in mind is actually almost five yards, which is probably way more yardage than I need for a Regency dress. It's also so gorgeous that I feel like it's saying it wants to be a bustle gown, but it's totally not enough to make a full bustle gown out of... But it's so pretty! 

Picture dump! My Halloween skirt, the Harry Potter skirt (I'm tempted to make one for myself out of this fabric, even though it's Gryffindor, and I'm a Ravenclaw), and my awesomely awkward puppy trying on Halloween costumes. 

Babywatch update

Sep. 25th, 2017 04:51 pm[personal profile] brickhousewench
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Babywatch is now commencing in earnest. Word was the the wee one was going to receive an official eviction notice on Tuesday.

Daddy just posted "OK, Lets do this" on Facebook.


Sep. 25th, 2017 08:32 am[personal profile] m_of_disguise
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I am totally exhausted from this weekend. It was non-stop running around and cleaning. My German relatives get here in a couple of weeks for the wedding, so the "scrub everything because of guests" marathon has commenced. I packed up another shelf in the now-former sewing room, and boxed up all my trims and ribbons, then disassembled one of the wire shelves I had put up for the trims. After all that, the room barely looks any different. ~sighs~ There's a long way to go, but if I work on it a bit at a time, I should get there. I also managed a heavy scrubbing of the guest bathroom, as well as 8 loads of laundry, all of this on Saturday.

Saturday evening was the bridal shower that my sister's friends threw for her, which was really more of a "hey, lets all drink by the pool!" sort of affair. I stayed for a couple of hours before heading back home and doing more laundry.

Sunday was a cake day. I took the things I had packed up to the storage unit, hit the store for supplies, which was insane because Walmart on a weekend day is a hellhole, and came home and baked a sample cake for my sister's wedding cake. The sponge itself turned out great, but the icing was horrible. I hate buttercream, but it's what she requested. Thankfully, she didn't end up liking it, either, so I'm going to do another cake with fondant and mascarpone next weekend and see if that's better. We had a family dinner, then after everyone disbursed, I did more laundry. ~dies of laundry overdose~

Somewhere in there, I managed to squeeze in enough time to cut out the interfacing for M's waistcoat, and together one pocket flap. I'm really loving what the horsehair canvas is doing for the waistcoat! I have one side with me at work today for when it gets slow, so I can stitch the front interfacing in and maybe get the pocket bag done.

I tried to do a mockup of the bridesmaids dress on Saturday night, but for some reason it just would not cooperate. I ended up trashing three mockups before finally giving up. I finally gave in and looked for a pattern that I could butcher to get what I want, which I'm going to pick up after work tonight. I'll do another mockup once I'm home, so hopefully I can get it wrapped up fairly quickly after that. Ugh.

My sister has also totally checked out of wedding planning. I think she's become overwhelmed. She has never planned any event bigger than a backyard barbecue, so something like this is totally out of her wheelhouse. I managed to find most of what she doesn't have yet - linens, vases for floral arrangements, and dinnerware, so now it just needs to be ordered. This all should have been ordered long ago, and there's less than a month before the big day, so having it here on time is a big "maybe". Mom and I have basically taken over the rest of the planning since whenever we mention something she either says "I don't know" and changes the subject or she's all "yeah, that sounds good", which means she doesn't want to think about it. The next few weeks are going to be rough.

Survived the weekend

Sep. 24th, 2017 11:02 pm[personal profile] brickhousewench
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I survived another brutally hot weekend of faire. We almost hit 90 today, and the heat index was around 93 when I thought to check. So the last two days have been all about drinking enough fluids (we had Koyt/table beer, water, switchel, and a lemon/mint/ginger decoction), staying in the shade, and looking out for my circle of friends who were also wearing wool and standing over a hot campfire. I'm proud to report that we all survived the weekend. I might have even drunk enough. We'll know more tomorrow when I see how I feel (and what color my pee is. TMI?)



Sep. 24th, 2017 07:18 pm[personal profile] koshka_the_cat
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No sewing or knitting yet. But I still may knit a row. And it was the perfect post being sick weekend...
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I have had a pir of green cotton twill trousers cut out for at least a decade. The pieces are too big now, but I plan to cut down the pices and make them up soon-ish.
But yesterday I made my first torusers since the 1980s, when I had my mother's help and a store bought pattern. These are based on the shorts pattern I made this summer and I think that they look alright. The fabric is a wool blend remnant I found in my fabric cupboard.


Ahsoka progress

Sep. 24th, 2017 05:24 am[personal profile] glittersweet
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Thank goodness! I took the day to redo the montral and front lekku for a nice clean line. It’s worked which is nice 🙂 I was thinking about taking a break from the costume because of them but I think it’s going to work out.

But yay. It’s also inspiring me to work on other scifi type gear 🙂

Including Maleficent 🙂 I’ll need to work with her under better lighting to get a good scan- the ends keep being missed in the IR camera. I may be able to heat up some paler clay to see if that helps.Ditto putting lines on. I’ll see how I go today and tomorrow. But latexing is my main task for the next few days. I say days as the weather is not yet warm enough to cure quickly so I have to cure smart. So no putting the stand outside where it can blow over (had that) and where I can’t prod at it make the support collapse (done that!).

Hmm I may need to quickly put some extra support underneath. Fingers crossed.

Yes. I also need to get some pigment into a container to mix into her colour too. BTW her pantone swatches do not match the final result, so it’s going to be interesting!

Some hope?

Sep. 23rd, 2017 03:12 pm[personal profile] koshka_the_cat
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It's only in the 70s today. We had a sort of sudden drop in temperature. It's supposed to go up to nearly 100 again next week I think it is, but back to the 80s after that.

I am so sick of hot weather. I realize that current temperatures are some places summers, but it's such a relief!

Re-making clothes

Sep. 23rd, 2017 09:57 am[personal profile] frualeydis
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Lots of re-making has been going on this week: three skirts and one top.

The top I made as late as April, my first jersey top. But by now it was way too big; I wore it to work yesterday and it just wouldn't look good (it didn't help that the dark blue pencil skirt that I made in spring and has since then taken in is a little loose at the waist. That one looks good enough as it is though, I won't take it in again. All this unpicking of waistbands, zippers, and sometimes pockets is very time consuming.

This was one was made already in January 2007 and much worn, probably the skirt I've made that has seen most use. I took it in on Tuesday and I'm happy to be able to use it again:

omsydd vinrd kjol 190923

Yesterday I actullay managed to take in two skirts (though I did the unpicking and cutting away of excess fabric on the one to the left on Thursday evening:

rutig kjol omsydd omsydd grnrutig kjol 190923

The pink top was also re-made yesterday. It puckers slightly at the armscyes, probably because I use my regular machine, since I don't have an overlock, and because I haven't done much sewing in knits.

I have this big IKEA plastic tub standing by the couch filled with clothes that need to be re-made, and I am very pleased that now you can actually see that it's getting less full.

So tired!

Sep. 22nd, 2017 09:36 pm[personal profile] brickhousewench
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I am inexplicably tired today. Probably too many nights of nocturnal kitteh shenanigans catching up on me.

Imma going to go to bed early and pack the war wagon for faire in the morning.


Sep. 22nd, 2017 09:02 pm[personal profile] brickhousewench
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Happiness is Brutus feeling snuggly and siting on my lap while I worked today.

Happiness is Cassie headbutting me.

Happiness is an armful of purring kitty.

I think the signs look good for this batch of kitties to be good and socialized as lap cats by the time winter sets in.

Weekend goal

Sep. 22nd, 2017 05:06 pm[personal profile] koshka_the_cat
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Face the bodice.

Or knit.

I can handle that...


Sep. 21st, 2017 07:13 pm[personal profile] chocolatepot
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I am so pleased with how this dress is coming along. Now that it's dark after dinner, I can't get as much done in the evenings as I'd like - I mean, I do have lights, but it's always sort of awkward and shadowy to work by my lamps. But it's good enough to take the sleeve head down about two inches - which looks a bit weird on the sleeve itself, because I haven't cut it yet, but I just made a new paper pattern and it honestly looks fairly normal there.

Written last night, mysteriously not posted until this morning.

Long day is long

Sep. 21st, 2017 09:44 pm[personal profile] brickhousewench
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Wow, today has been a long day.

Cats kept me up last night, so I started out having a two dwarf morning (Sleepy and Grumpy). And I had to get up early because I had a doctor’s appointment. When I was showing off my scratch from last week’s visit to the vet, that prompted my doctor to check when the last time I had a tetanus shot was, and I was due (just in case someone decides to bite me, puncture wounds and all that). So I got a tetanus shot this morning before I’d even had breakfast. And (joy!) she finally remembered that I’m old enough to have that first colonoscopy. So that’s on my To Do list once faire is over (No way I’m going without food for a day or two until faire is over). Let’s just say that I’m not particularly looking forward to the procedure. Mostly because I will need to somehow find someone to give me a ride. Hey [personal profile] fionaniconnor I might need to book you for a ride to the doctor in a couple of weeks.

Work was work. I had lunch with my cube-neighbor Chris. It’s been a bit since we had a good long chat. And I got volunteered to be a scrumbag, er, I mean scrummaster for my team’s pilot agile project. Mostly because I mentioned that I’d done agile before (at like my last six jobs). I just may be the only person on my team with any agile experience. So that’s going to be interesting.

But right now I’m bushed. And I need to get some sleep tonight for our first meeting tomorrow.

Ahsoka progress

Sep. 22nd, 2017 01:36 am[personal profile] glittersweet
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I had left the hilts and greeblies looking good 🙂 But then… today as I was arranging all the parts on a stand in plate… well I found that I needed to cut one hilt section in half, and also find an emitter end cap.

But this is how it all looks now so it should be good 🙂 Okay I know it’s good as I error checked and used Cura 🙂


If you look closely I’m printing at draft quality because I don’t really want to have my printer going for a week. I just don’t trust power/machine combos atm ever 🙂

But it’s really not that bad as I can just sand and acetone wash as planned. So it shouldn’t be extra effort to save a little filament and a lot of time 🙂


It looks like I only have photos of the previous sets of hilts over here. Yes. I had to rebuild my hilts from scratch as bending the hilts slightly early lead to something being off by about 1mm over the whole length. I managed to do so in a much shorter time frame but… it was still a lot of work. So to find the hilts still needed work today… ugh.

But, yes, all in parts.

I believe this is actually of my final set 🙂 The emitter got lost so I have put it back in the file here (with all the pieces nested) and in the file at the top (all parts in areas about the size of the plate of my printer) and are in the three files for each print job.

I used LIPID object exporter plugin for Sketchup and opened them in Cura to make sure they were all aligned correctly.

I do really enjoy this. Well most of it. Once the order is sorted and I don’t have to work in the air as such.


It's a messssss....

Sep. 21st, 2017 06:23 pm[personal profile] koshka_the_cat
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But I'll make sense of it!

I'm not sure I'm un-foggy enough to work on it, but I'm un-foggy enough to think about it.
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I finished the children's Christmas ornaments so I am officially finished with Christmas sewing. I can spend November and December making anything I want!

These are quite possibly the glitziest felt applique ornaments ever.
2017 Christmas Ornaments

This weekend I'll get to start putting Hallowe'en costumes together, but in the meantime, I think I'll just read.


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