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Jul. 28th, 2017 02:52 pm
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Currently hand sewing a regency short stays, after a Redthreaded pattern. "After" because I didn't take the right size, and I have to resize it to fit. I honestly hate one-sized-patterns, but I also like to have a no-brainer corset, so I will buy again from her, a victorian corset in the right size. But I think any pattern should be sale in a minimum of two sizes for ajustments. 3 sizes would be much better, because I know several girls who have a more than just one size difference between their hips and breast.

Anyway, sewing it by hand because I'm staying at my parents' for summer, and my mum's machine is unreachable. I could be nasty and say everything in my parents' house is unreachable. My mum a very very very bad -- yet very pretty -- case of collectionnite. I wanted thoses stays to be quick non-historical things, and now I'm killing my fingers, sewing three layers of coutil around the gussets. Bah...

Also, quick terrible quality photo of the fabric for the regency dress. Hand block-printed in india cheap cambric.

You got what you pay for. It is pretty, but the design are not correctly aligned. Some times, the ink is bad quality and run. Or it was handly so quickly it has ink stains. I bought from this seller several times, and I really like his designs, but I won't use it to make "upper-class" costumes. It is good for low middle-class and lower. If you are in the spot-on historical aspect of costume recontitution, that is. Otherwise, it is pretty enough to overlook those matters. It would also make cute modern summer clothes. I guess you can guess I love indiennes...

Only problem wth this seller : awefull shipping prices. And he doesn"t understand "combine shipping". Like, when asked, he proposed me a combine shipping price by the yard (and not by kilos), that was higner than when shipping fees are added together. *sigh*

Seller is Fabric of India : https://www.etsy.com/shop/FabricOfIndia?ref=pr_shop_more

BTW, one of [personal profile] koshka_the_cat was made from a fabric I recognized because I had bought it too for a 18th century petticoat ^^


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