Fly fringe

Apr. 27th, 2010 12:58 am
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Be kind, I'm only beginning, the pictures is crappy and my silk thread is too too thin and very hard to work with. But yet, I think it doesn't look so bad. Because my light is terrible, you can't see that my thread is pink. But wih the flash, you couldn't see the thread at all !!!

I used (thousand time thank you !) Vivcore's tutorial on knotting and fly fringe. Very simple, and very helpful. I used a small tatting shuttle, because I couldn't find a shuttle 10-13"  EDIT : Oy ! it's acually the cm size it should be 4-7" long. But now, I'm wondered how I would have done with such a big shuttle.

Next time, I will try Soie Oval, like Vivcore is suggesting : it looks of very good quality, and not too thin. She suggests using 4 strands of this silk for fly fring. With my silk, I had to use 12 strands, it was making knots on its own, and broke easily ! So, yeah, I thing aything would be better.

Oh, and if you want to learn something really funny : unlike what you may have read (translation is very often bad when it comes to costuming), fly fringe is not translated by "falbalas" in french ("falbalas" can either mean "a piece of trimming" or the trimming itself), it translates in "Sourcil de hanneton", which means "cockchafer (or June bug) 's eyebrow" ! :))
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Oh my... The panniers of doom are nearly finished. Just need to hem them.

These are the panniers for my client (for whom I'm making a Robe à la française). I've been struggling with them since January. Everything went wrong with them and it nearly disgusted me from ever ever doing panniers again. Except that I will have too. I mean : I'M A 18TH CENTURY CRAZY ADMIRER ! I just can't pass doing a pair a big panniers for me. But really. Panniers are EVOL. (I have to add that I made the pattern myself. Next time : simplicity pattern)


Mar. 18th, 2010 01:52 am
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Desperately searching for 18th century caricature of women with poofs hairdo kneeling in their car because said hairdos are too high. There is a little one (geman) in Fashion, but I'm pretty sure there are others on internet, and I can't find them. Does anyones has this in her personal archives ?

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Pictures of my in-progress 18th century pouf. Too bad I had to let it at my parents' house : I can't finish it now.

My adorable wig maker  :))))))

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I was about to ask you if you would find me horrible if were to mix-up a 1770s hair-pouf with a late 1780s-1790 KCI caraco, when I realise that I was myelf just so shocked at that very idea that my brain actually refused to picture it.


I have a pouf.

I want to make the KCI 1790 red and white caraco, but in green and white cotton.


I need another 18th century event. Vaux le Vicomte won't be enough.


Crap crap crap.

Tada !

Aug. 19th, 2009 05:29 pm
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Dress is finished ! Except for the polonaise-with-bows thing that I will mark and sew with the help of [personal profile] green_martha, it's all done.
I even retrim a little bit one of straw hat, with self fabric.

No pictures, because I want to keep the surprise of it. We're out on Saturday, so wait for Sunday morning for pics. I just miss my cane, but I definitely couldn't bring it in the train.

oh, wait, I have to put a self fabric rosette on my shoes !
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 I'm cross-eyed of having pleat so much striped-trim. And ain't finished yet.
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Ah ah ! I manage to make a lovely trimming on the bodice of my dress, which make me very happy since it's the first time I do self-trimming.
Wait... no. I did self-trimming on my française, but it was ages ago ;P

Need to put finish pleathing the skirts, sew them on, trim the skirts, hem them, sew them into a polonaise with bows, finish the sleeves elbow (hemming them and trimming them if I have enough fabric left), AND, at last, put hooks and eyes.

By the way, [ profile] green_martha, do you have hook and bars (straight) instead of hook and eyes, (u shaped) because I just don't have enough, and eyes will be a pain in the ass to close the stomacher correctly.
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I shall be putting my stays on, to check if the thing I'm working on fits, but it's 34 °C and I just don't feel like it.
Problem ? err... Grenoble, where I will have to wear the dress, is a hotter city.
Oh my...


Aug. 12th, 2009 04:20 pm
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[ profile] green_martha : I show you what I'm doing, and you show me what your doing :)

It's a polonaise, dramatically inspired by this Coppola dress :
I name it The Candy Coppola. Except that I also name it Berlingot. Except that I can't choose between the 2 names.

Also, will Lady Fi do another dress in one night for the event ?
Does she feel like making me a big pouf hair the morning of the event ?
Can I use her like she is my personal maid ? ;P
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"But I only wanted to buy one piece of fabric !...", she said.

See 3 robe à l'anglaise in this three fabrics.

I only wanted to find a striped silk for one anglaise, but there was nothing, so cotton, cotton, cotton. I'm going for a very Louis XVI style here : stripes, stripes, stripes !
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[ profile] green_martha asked how important my 18th century wardrobe was, and I realize I didn't know. So I made a list, and yeah ! I'm impress with myself ! Given that less than 7 years ago (before I came to Paris) I really hated 18th century fashion :)


- Robe à la française 1755
- Caraco à la française 1770s
- Caraco with en fourreau back and matching petticoat (wearable but officially WIP)
- Robe à l'anglaise stripes and lace, and polonaise ties 1780s (finished as is, except that in the end, it's supposed to be the round gown with vandyked collar from Janeet Arnold, so WIP)
- Robe au corsage en rideau, 1790
- Robe directoire blue 1796
- Robe directoire white 1797
- Blue cape 1750s-1790s

- Redingote 1786
- Caraco corsage en rideau 1790
- Robe à l'anglaise with zone front 1780s
- robe oberkampf 1794
- Short gown 1780s
- Lévite sans collar 1790

EDIT : I forgot two of my WIP
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I have a tricorn !!! I have a tricorn !!!
Now, I can think of doing myself piraty :)

(And yes, I'm terrible on that picture, but that was the better of all the pictures I did of the tricorn...)

Silly me

Apr. 27th, 2009 04:21 pm
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i put the quilted petticoat on hold, because I have to work on a new gown, urgently. I have to wear it in 20 days, and I'm a slow seamstress. Except that I'm not working on it. No, no ! Because, when I'm in the urge, I always feel like an irrepressible need to make a hat. I tell you, this is psychanalytical !

pix ! )
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Thanks for all the comments, but shouldn't let me indulge in such an insanity.

8 more hours

8 more more hours

I think I have another 10 hours of work on that panel.
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Yes, this is the beginning of a quilted petticoat. The first out of six panels. And no, I have no idea if I will ever have the courage to go to the end of this project, but I wanted to try. There are 6 hours of work for each picture, and all this work represent a third of the finished panel !

It's made out of blue silk (second picture color is the closest to RL), and it's really incredibly pretty.
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i'm made of pretty, but my freshness is gone : the pictures were taken at 3 in the morning, by the bride herself, who was certainly as tired as I was (which explain why she couldn't manage to center the pictures she took of my back. tsss tsss !! )

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The pictures turned out in an horrible shitty shitty quality, don't know why Ô-o ... but this is how I will be dressed for the wedding. Of course, I'm not wearing my shift, my kerchief, and I forgot my petticoat in Paris (go me !!). And I'm not made of pretty yet.

the underneath bodice

PS : scrapbok works like shit today, you may have to re-upload the page to see the pictures


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