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Oh my... The panniers of doom are nearly finished. Just need to hem them.

These are the panniers for my client (for whom I'm making a Robe à la française). I've been struggling with them since January. Everything went wrong with them and it nearly disgusted me from ever ever doing panniers again. Except that I will have too. I mean : I'M A 18TH CENTURY CRAZY ADMIRER ! I just can't pass doing a pair a big panniers for me. But really. Panniers are EVOL. (I have to add that I made the pattern myself. Next time : simplicity pattern)
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One can never emphazise enough the wonderful effect of socializing. I know it will certainly not help me to overcome what I'm going through, but it helps to have oasis of joy in the middle of all this grey.

And the best way to socialize is a costume event. The change was amazing. In the morning, I was a zombie, and after I arrive at the Castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte, where costumed people had a little unofficial meeting, after, I get dressed, I felt like I was seeing things again, I was not tired anymore, like I could understand the principle of being light and smiling again. And I also had one good huge laugh, and it was like I had the great burden that rested on my shoulders was falling to the earth and smashing away. Of course, the burden was back when I wake up today, but, I know again that there is light right here at the end of all of it.

So now, some PICTURES ! )
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I decided to make a little planning of what I need to do in september, because, I have a LOT to do :

_ finish the 18th century stays. Should be doable. I f I work fast enough, I can have it 80% done for the first September. The only problem is that I haven't done a lot of handsewn eyelets by now, and they can be the longest part of it all...
_ rework my old française (at least pin the alterations) and do correct pictures of all my 18th century costumes collection. For the people of Les Menus Plaisirs.
_ make a quick 18th century jacket. Because I have too few 18th century costumes for the moment.
_ make the 1830s-40s underpinnings, except finishing the red quilted corset. I leave that one for October. This means : 1 corded petticoat, 2 or 3 flounced petticoats and 1 multi-layered petticoat as instructed on [livejournal.com profile] demode_kvc website. I'm not sure of being able to do this in September. But I REALLY need to have it done quickly, before doing the dress. At least, if I decided to choose to do the 1848 revolution dress, a little part of it is already done.
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Looking at pictures of my old Robe à la Française, I see that I have to do an handful of alterations to make it more correct. And new pannier pockets too. I haven't seen all that until now.

Ah ! the glam of the newly finished project. Does it fade easily...
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Looking at pictures of my old Robe à la Française, I see that I have to do an handful of alterations to make it more correct. And new pannier pockets too. I haven't seen all that until now.

Ah ! the glam of the newly finished project. Does it fade easily...
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Yesterday was a day of pure bliss.

Yes, my bank account is 50 € lighter and hovering 12 foot above the selling, but I am now the proud owner of 8,70 m of the most wonderful Toile de Jouy fabric, which pictures I will try to post tomorrow or, Saturday. And I choose the perfect day to buy it, for there were only 8,70 remaining meters of the most wonderful bla bla. They offered me 30 cm, actually, because I was finishing it : 30 cm ? More decorations. Perfect.

And when I came back home, I had not one, but two costume books waiting for me : 200 Jahre Mode and 19th century fashion in detail (blissssssssssss) and let me tell you, 1817-20 lilac walking dress at page 20 is LOVE. I already knew it because [livejournal.com profile] green_martha was kind enough to let me have a glance, but here, I have the time to drool to madness over it.

And I also had a very fun moment : the seller of 19th fashion... send me the book in a box large enough for 5 or six books.

Apparently, this freaked out my friends (* cuf cuf *) of the french postal mail, because they open it (they don't even have the decency to told me, mind, but when a package is duck taped in yellow with the name of french mail postal on it, it's obviously not low profile): coming from SOHO, LONDON, it could only have been a BOMB, or a SEX TOY, no ?
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Everything's ugly, those days. I've looked in a good dozen of fabric shop, and everything's damn ugly. Sale's fabrics are the climax of ugliness. The word was invented for it. And beside, large-stripes fabric that were fashionnable three month ago have disappeared. I'm so obviously not doing a striped robe à la française anymore.

I've found only one fabric that I like AND that was period : it's a toile-de-jouy and... er... yes, it's green. So I spend all my Sunday doing toiles (and tonight too), ans I hope to have an idea of how many meters I need to buy the fabric and begin with it quickly.

And by the way : watteau pleats ar wonderful !!! I *heart* pleats...
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There's that fabric on ebay, there are two similar pieces (maybe enough for my sack dress, though I would have like making it in red and white stripes), I love the stripes and the color, but it's an acetate taffetas. I've never worked with acetate taffetas, but the general impressing I had with them is that they are very cardboard-like, and won't give a good period effect.
But this one (on the picture, at least) look rather smooth.

Decision decision... I have to make a decision before 18h00 (when I'm leaving my job and the comp) and I can't mde up my mind upon it : advice ?


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