Oct. 14th, 2005 01:26 pm
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I think I was a little bit too ambitious in my will to make the 18th Halloween dress. I don't know how other plump costumers do, but I fell miserably in my attempt to make a beautifull 18th dress toile : having a rather large back, I can't make narrow back pieces, so all the effect of the robe à l'anglaise back is lost. Pfff!!! Seeing the time [ profile] jennylafleur took to make the toile of her polonaise, I feel it's really an insanity to try to do the Halloween dress for Halloween in less than 17 days.

Beside that, I'm finally doing the 1820s purple dress bodice. It's coming up nicely. I should maybe call it the "true Halloween dress" ?

PS : actually, I don't have any halloween event to wear it to, so why am I doing all this mess ? Did you go the an Halloween party [ profile] green_martha ?
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It was supposed to be a post with pictures. But everything in this mad mad world being potentially one of my worst nightmare, there's no pictures.

My parents came, they had the camera, they had the wire to connect the camera to the computer, I had the stays. Everything was perfect. Except that... Draco is dead. Draco, portable computer of his present state (rat in a past life, any other kind of vile insect in the next) was, till yesterday, living a difficult but rather peaceful life subjected to a dying battery. Yesterday, the battery definitly gave back her soul to the gods of modern times. And I discover that a portable computer cannot live without a battery, even if you have it permanently connected.

Technology is a bitch.

Life is Messaline.

So we gave up the photo call and reported it. In two weeks it's my birthday, so I'm going by my parents. Hopefully I will have more things to take pictures of (the Halloween dress, that is the blue taffetas 18th dress).

But, don't forget : Life is the bitch of all bitches. Till yesterday, I was confident that my b-day present will be a numeric camera. But it was evident that I need a battery more than my life itself. So now, I'm confident that I will have an over-expensive, but not very glamour battery for my b-day. hurra ! *irony irony irony...*

The camera ? I'm not even sure to have it for christmas now : it will be too much expensive to have the two in so short a time period.

Fortunatly, I have at least one good thing to sooth me : I finally recieved my Historical costumes in detail. I had to have it before buying 19th costumes in detail. Don't I ? :))
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I couldn't resist : I explode my budget by going buying more fabric. I as afraid there could be no more left if I wait to long...
I'm going to use the petticoat pattern from the open gown with matching petticoat in Janet Arnold.

And I finished ruining me by buying one of the most beautiful costume book : if you don't have it, you just should buy it NOW !! It's "De la mode et des jardins au musée Galliera" by Frank Horvat & Catherine Join-Dieterle, Editions de l'imprimerie Nationale.
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Already, yes... *sigh*

Well actually it's not my fault, because I am in a very creative costumer mood. Yesterday, I had an idea for my straw hat (the hat that complete the robe-chemise) and I run to my favorite ribbons seller 30 minutes before it closed. I crossed the half of Paris for ribbons in emergency. Kick me...
Anyway, half the hat is done, I will finish it either tonight, either tomorrow, because tonight I will try to do two toiles. (For pictures, I will wait for my parents' visit, in a month or so, to have numeric shots)

This morning, I was off to buy the fabric I was missing for the 1820s dress (half of it is buy), when I discover that one of the shop I always forget to check was actually selling silk taffetas for 4,95 €/m ! How could I resist ?! I buy 5 meters of deep blue. Perfect to reproduce this robe à l'anglaise (I have the soul of a plagiarist) : I will use white as a contrasting color for the wrist ribbons, for the facing inside the robe skirt (front and hem) and for the trim on the compères. Except that I wont use lace, but bound it with white bias.

My problem is that I want to make a matching skirt, and I will certainly not have enough fabric. So I want to cut my fabric rather quickly to know what's missing and buy just what I need (I've already spend the 3/4 of what I wanted to allow to fabrics this month : I think that the search for amidala's fabric will be postponed to October). To help it, I will only make a fake skirt, and used actually a forepart. It is period for the anglaise :) (see Modes en miroirs exhibition : I don't know if the forepart I'm speaking about is in the book).

Side effect : the linen I buy to use as a lining for the 1820s dress is recycled to be the lining of the compères dress.

So, tonight I finalise my toile for the 1820s dress, made a first toile for the compère dress -- without stays, I will redo a more precise one with them when they'll be finished -- (I'm using the robe à l'anglaise pattern in the Kyoyo Institute 1715-1815 book : it's quite simple, even poor, but it's a Janet Arnold's, what can I say ...), and try to make some boning channels on the stays (quick quick !!)


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