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every minute, and can't stop worrying and crying.


Foreigners are fleeing like the Reaper is right behind them, when there is no confirmation yet that Japan will became a not-sane zone. It feels like a treason. I feel like this people have taken all they could from Japan, and now they're abandonning the japanese like old socks behind the sheet-bin. It's not right, it's not correct : it's like spitting in the face of every Japanse and telling them to go dying, that no-one cares for their life or for their spirit. They are trying so hard this japanese, not to let their panic arise, when there are so many reasons to let it ! And how do we support them ? With images of white faces saving their white asses spreading in tV. This makes me sick, and so angry.

I can understand, when you have a child, that you may want to flee from Tokyo. Children are fragile when it comes to radiation, awefully fragile. But there is a middle term : the South, Osaka, Kyoto, Kyushu. And France, USA, UK, Germany,... only in the last resort, when (or if... oh, how much do I hope for a "if", without believing any minute in it...) the situation in Fukushima is irreverible, when radiation is in fact there and dangerous. We're not yet here. We could give a little bit of credit to this 50 men who are fighting like damned to save the world from a new tragedy. And will probably die for it.

All this is so wrong. So indecent.

So wrong.


I'm going in Japan in July. That's what was decided before all this happenned. And wathever happened, I will go to Japan in July. Because I don't care what happens. I love Japan and Japanese people too much. I want to be there and let them know that they are the important thing. That they matter. I want the to know that we are not all coward. That they don't have to be strong alone.

If I could go now, I would.
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